How to Secure Your Ring Doorbell from Being Hacked

A ring doorbell is a modern doorbell that is modified to alert homeowners when they have visitors or intruders in their compound. With the ring doorbell, your security is high because you will be able to see someone on your door through by the help of a video through a peephole to your mobile device through the internet regardless of your location. Ring doorbell devices can be easily hacked by thieves similarly to how they gain access to computers and other devices which will jeopardize your home’s security. Here is an outline on how to prevent your ring doorbell from hackers.

You must secure your access codes. A weak password for you doorbell is similar to giving thieves the keys to your home, they will find easy time accessing it. The first action that you should take when you install a new ring doorbell system is to change the default access passwords to your preferred code. In the new password you creating, ensure no one can guess it, choose it wisely. For a strong password, combine symbols, numbers, and alphabets and also ensure that you change the password often. You’ll want to know more about crown molding now.

You should also secure your router. For internet access, your doorbell system will depend on the Wi-Fi network to have internet. For this reason, you should set-up your wireless router for the best security. To correctly configure your router, change the default IP address and password set, use of default IP address and passwords will give the hackers an easier route to hack your security system. Always keep your Wi-Fi protected with a strong password to shun hackers away.

You must ensure the system you are installing has encrypted signals. You should ensure that you buy a security system that sends an encrypted signal so that the signals can only be read by an authorized device. You should ensure that all devices and the Wi-Fi router serving the security system are encryption enabled. When you install a security system that does not have encryption, then it can be accessed from externally without so many difficulties. Do check out ring doorbell hack now.

Lastly, install antivirus software and also avoid using public Wi-Fi. Have antivirus installed on the computers that you use to have access to the security system, this will prevent any malware and other harmful software. Use of public Wi-Fi to access your security system can compromise on your security. When you are accessing your security system from a remote location, you should use a secured Wi-Fi that is not open to the public. Security system hackers can use the public Wi-Fi to access your data such as passwords and emails when you are on public Wi-Fi and jeopardize you’re the security of your system. Check out these steps for manageing doorbell rings:

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